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Ramissio Event Rise & Shine
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Zlín Congress Centre

Annual Event Rise and Shine was primarily the magnificent celebration of the 5th birthday of Ramissio. The ceremonial atmosphere was felt from every corner. Vladimír introduced the very new product of Ramissio called Ramissio Protect which was effective throughout the detoxication of the organism and protected the whole immune system. We danced the whole night, destroyed more than one shoe, strengthen relationships between Ramissio members, gave awards to the best members of Ramissio. At the end, all of us wanted this party to never end.

Zlín Congress Centre

The annual Ramissio event was held on Saturday, 7 May 2016 at the Zlín Congress Centre. The programme was packed – personal stories, motivation, rich accompanying programme, ceremony and presentation of Ramissio’s new products! Take a look at the photo gallery as a reminder of the marvellous energy of the 2016 Rise and Shine Event.

RISE AND SHINE 2015 – October
Zlín Congress Centre

The autumn Rise and Shine Event was marked by the presentation of a new product in the shape of Ramissio Strips. These unique natural pain relief patches combine knowledge of eastern medicine and modern technology. Dr. Hronská informed us not just about this new product, but also about the way our body works. The product was not just about products but mostly about motivation and fun. We celebrated Ramissio’s three-year anniversary with a performance by a ballerina and the Ramissio closing ball to the accompaniment of the Event Jazz Trio.

RISE AND SHINE 2015 – April
Holiday Inn Brno

The Ramissio spring event was held at the congress centre of Brno’s Holiday Inn. The programme included personal stories related by our members and a motivation lecture given by Mr Jiří Švestka. The Event could not be held without the award ceremony at which new positions were announced, and half-year and speaker bonuses, as well as new car bonuses and dream holidays, were presented. An interesting distraction was the best personal car sticker competition won by Mr Miloš Komprs.

RISE AND SHINE 2014 – October
Café de Paris, Bobycentrum Brno

Belly dancers, saxophone god or pole dance – were the surprise acts at October’s Rise and Shine Event, which was held in the hall of the Café de Paris at Brno’s Bobycentrum.

RISE AND SHINE 2014 – April
Laser Show Hall, Bobycentrum Brno

Visitors to the Rise and Shine Event could already expect to witness a unique event on arrival at the Laser Show Hall. The view of the podium packed with snow-white cars with sun stickers was stunning. From the start the programme was spell-binding with an unexpected climax. To begin with spectators were captivated by the spectacular laser show, followed by the presentation of the new Ramissio Immunity product, which thanks to its beta-glucan content is an excellent product for strengthening immunity. There was also a rich accompanying programme which saw the performance of a violin duo, flamenco dancer, top barmen with their barman show, dance group, not to mention a trampoline show. This was followed by the award ceremony and at the close of the evening everyone could enjoy the ball which opened with a laser show. The dance floor was stirred to life by Rock’n’Roll.